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Originally Posted by JamesAR15

I would definitely love to see something like that.

Originally Posted by BetaM

Yes, it is, just redone by my sister!
Absolutely, I would be totally down for seeing that!

Originally Posted by N.Domixis

Would you be able to show art/videos from cancelled levels, ideas, etc?

Unfortunately, I don't think we have any footage that hasn't already been leaked on the internet .... but we've def got lots of stories about the development.
What I'll do is have a talk with everyone, and see if they'd be interested in putting something together ... might take a while, so don't take it as official yet...but it's good to know there is some interest :)

I'm intrigued about Crash's future (but have no inside info/knowledge) so I'll be keeping an eye on this E3 also! :)