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(03-24-2010, 01:45 PM)
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Right, sussed a way to get this working for now guys, it's a Live issue by the looks of things.

This is the order I did it in, tried three times on diff accounts. Worked every time.

1. Sign in
2. Load Game Room and press start.
3. When Loading hangs, press Guide, press X to sign out.
4. Remove network cable/usb for Wifi.
5. Sign in with profile.
6. Press Start and press B when it says you must be signed in XBL to use all features.
7. Room loaded, it asks you if you want to sign into XBL to get most of features (Note this is the second time its asked you). Attach Wifi/Network cable and wait till you get the green light (On Wifi).
8. Connect to Live.
9. Play.