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loves Arcade Sticks
(04-25-2010, 08:20 AM)
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Work is Love. Love is not work.

I had a crazy past 2 days. I left San Diego around 9 AM on Friday morning... Had to go from the office to downtown Los Angeles for a meeting with a potential new client. Meeting went really well. Translation = more good shit.

Stopped by a few import shops and game stores for lunch. Went to a popular spot off Venice. So many Street Fighter players there, as soon as I got in I was greeted with "HEY MARKMAN!" and then got some extra copies of Super SFIV for my pals.

Then met up with Princess Aura and started helping her out with her hair... Then went to the launch party for Super SFIV!

Played vs Daigo for the first match of the night on stream. Got wooped but it's all good.

Yes. Daigo "THE BEAST" Umehara is officially sponsored by Mad Catz and is the first piece of the puzzle of players that will represent Mad Catz in competitive gaming WORLDWIDE.