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Originally Posted by Roarer

Swedish mag LEVEL has a 6-page preview of the game in their latest issue. They also interviewed Mikami and Inaba during a conference. A couple of highlights:

The game is a lot faster than traditional third person shooters. Sam can boost from cover to cover, quick tempo and intensity seems to be keywords when designing the game.
• According to the article, the action is only ever paused to allow Sam to take a couple of drags on his cigarett (which apparently explains the low placement of his visor.
• The game plays more like a shmup a la Sin & Punishment rather than Gears of War.
• Sam carries one gun, which the suit can transform into another gun, for example a shotgun turns into a machine gun. Real-time weapon morphing?!
• close quarter combat plays a major role.
Mikami admits that the game looks very similar to other shooters on the surface, but promises that the speed and tempo will set it apart.
• Inaba says that "Mikami is free to do whatever he wants"
• The author of the article is not too impressed by neither story nor cinematics and thinks that the game works best when it focuses on the intense action.
Mikami opens the conference by saying "Is there anyone from IGN here? Thanks for that God Hand review". :-D

All in all it looks pretty awesome, hoping it will deliver a solid gameplay experience a la God Hand.

Sounds fucking sweet.

The IGN bit... :lol