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(05-17-2010, 07:18 PM)

Originally Posted by John

Welp, I've hit the wall. Twilight Princess refuses to run at 30FPS whenever I'm in a decently-sized area. Don't want to risk overclocking and voiding the warrantee, so I guess I'm out for a couple years.

Weirdly enough though, the only 16:9 resolution the config offers me is 1600x900. Would I be able to do it at 720?

Twilight Princess has some major issues. A lot of people have problems on areas like Faron Woods, Lake Hylia or any large area. Then there is the nasty Hyrule field bug that even brings my i7 to it knees (Sub 20 FPS). There is a special build by Xtreme2damax (R5430) that has some patches applied that breaks almost every other game except Zelda:TP, but your mileage my vary with it .