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(05-18-2010, 06:57 AM)
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I think I may have messed up my computer in the overclocking process....

I checked my motherboard manual for the error code that my mobo was giving me so I could figure out what I needed to change to boot up my computer with the overclock. It told me I needed more DRAM voltage, so I figured I'd incrementally add more voltage to that until that error message went away. I got up to about 1.75 volts, when I turned it off and it did not turn back on again.

All the research I did pretty much told me that what just happened is not possible. But did I seriously screw up? Not sure what to do now. It could be that the mobo is fried, or it could be the RAM, or maybe it's not even broken and I'm missing something. Any ideas? Is 1.75 volts really that dangerous for the DRAM? I had the option of going much much higher, and it only started at like 1.3 or 1.4 volts by default. Didn't really feel like I was taking a big chance there.