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(05-19-2010, 08:20 AM)
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upper: 360
lower: PS3

640P + QAA makes some blurry image quality similar to that of GTA4.

There're some significant loss in foliage making some epic scene on 360 looking down right pathetic on PS3.

On 360's side, trees are well alpha blended looking very smooth overall.

PS3 on the other hand, trees are processed with alpha test creating some serious shimmering artifacts.

There're some LOD issues on PS3 as well. As you approach buildings, shadow pop is very apparent on PS3 where it is very smooth on 360.

There're some missing self shadows on PS3, making its characters look rather flat.

LOD is a lot more aggressive on PS3, change in geometry and object pop etc are a lot more noticeable.

The frame rate is much worse on PS3 too.

It is definitely NOT better than GTA4.

It's just that the nature of game makes frame rate issues less noticeable.

(You drive 200MPH in middle of crowded city in GTA, where you ride horse on barren wasteland in RDR)

Probably one of the worst port ever.

Funny how RDR got free pass from IGN when Bayonetta & Lost Planet 2 got picked for their flaws.