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(08-23-2016, 09:59 AM)
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Originally Posted by Mascot

Man, I so want this to be great on consoles. I'm finding that I can't find the enthusiasm to play pCARS any more. Ever since support was halted I'm finding it harder and harder to forgive it's many shortcomings and not get annoyed by the many bugs and niggles. It was OK when I knew they were being worked on and that they might be fixed in the next patch, but now that it's been abandoned I'm struggling to stay interested. I'm really hoping that Assetto Corsa (or maybe even GTS) can fill that void, but I'm simply not going to accept another shoddy bug-riddled experience, no matter how high the highs are.

When is the review embargo up?


I started playing PCars again fairly recently, still the best (IMO) racing game on any console, despite it's numerous issues, finger crossed AC is decent........

Anyone keen on PS4 vs XBO, see below.