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listen to the mad man
(06-06-2010, 04:58 PM)
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1) the law firm has existed for at least 2 years and that is their webpage.

2) it is the law firm that was reported to have filed the class action suit against sony.

3) here's the court docket for the case--no final ruling, as you can see.

4) here's a motion that sets a very minor preliminary hearing on july 15th, 2010 (which implies that contrary to the "news release", the only way it'd end this week is if sony settled)

5) this news update doesn't mention a judge, the circuit, the circumstances of the ruling, and it's not written in proper english. it's clearly not written by a member of the firm. it also refers to unrelated litigation in another jurisdiction as if it matters. also, despite the fact that this is a huge, renowned firm that's won tons of major decisions, the news release for some reason brags about this one as if it's special when really it isn't. also, class action lawsuits don't get "50%" refunds. also clearly sony isn't going to hand out court judgments at a trade show. the update also claims sony didn't "defend their position in court" when clearly they have.

6) courts don't make rulings on sundays, hurrr

7) this stipulation, AGREED TO BY ALL PARTIES, says that Sony has until June 29th, 2010, to even make their preliminary response to the issue, let alone declare it over and done

so my guess is that their site got hacked