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The Reach event was really a lot of fun. Props to Bungie for inviting some of their fans to take part in a press event like this. Everyone I met was super awesome Urk, Brian, Frank, David Ellis, Cocopjojo and so on. Hung out with Cocopjojo quite a bit.

Sorry if I start rambling and sound very scatterbrained. I have to type this up really quickly. I planned on posting pics of the event but it was really dark and I had my camera on the wrong setting so the pics were a blurry mess. :/

Ok the game...

Most of this stuff you can probably see from the videos on the net. There were two maps playable "Waterfront" and "Beachhead". I played about seven or so games of firefight, the majority of which was on the waterfront map. I have to say I liked Beachhead a bit aesthetically than waterfront. As for the layouts I can't really say I was too busy being bombarded with the covenant to really get a feel for the that. I'm kicking myself now realizing I never used the night vision mode on Waterfront. I totally forgot it was even an option. :\

Loadouts...From what I recall the new "Medic" loadout started you out with a DMR and a pistol and of course the new drop shield. The drop shield is a life saver. Throw it down and get your health fully recharged. I noticed the more blasts your drop shield absorbs the quicker it goes out. The other loadouts were similar to the beta. "Air Assault" "Expert Marksman" "Grenadier" "Operator".

Weapons...As people speculated I'm sure network test in the beta was firefight in disguise. As in network test at the start of the match you get your ordinance dropped off which included goodies such as the spartan laser, rockets, and the laser designator. Wow, the laser designator! everyone will want to race to that thing. It can rack up the kills real quick, I got a killpocolyspe and killionaire back to back the first time using it. You only get 3 chances to mark a target with it though, I don't think it's ammo can be refilled. Speaking of ammo, I'm not sure if the the ammo available at the resupplies is limited or not. Every time I needed a refill for my DMR, ammo was available at the supply point. Fuel rod guns are back, once again there are grunts armed with them. They're really agressive with that thing...dangerous little guys. I managed to pick one up a few times and it's effectiveness is what you'd expect and still fun to use. I picked up a Plasma Launcher a few times also and it wasn't nerfed too much from what I can tell. All the other weapons felt the same as the beta...I didn't notice any change to the reticule bloom on the DMR or the pistol. Thankfully, the pistol crosshairs seem to be a lot more visible now, I didn't notice much of a change to the fire rate of it though but my memory of the beta is fading.

Movement...The spartans movement and jump height seems slightly better, not sure if it's just a placebo effect. Hard to notice a difference running around in new environments. I'm sure it would be a lot easier to notice a change if I had the chance to run around Powerhouse and try out the infamous step at the grenade launcher room (did they ever mention if that spot was altered after the beta?).

Onto the enemies...grunts, the DMR and Pistol make easy work out of them obviously it feels great headshotting the little guys with the DMR but there are also grunts with helmets that are your head shot combo breakers annoying little guys. Skirmishers are quick as hell. If you See a pack of them heading toward you and you get distracted by something, they'll end up behind you before you know it. Jackals are pretty much what you'd expect. There were jackal snipers that will hit you from across the map with the focus rifle up on the hills in the distance. Annoying little bastards. They'll also try to take out your generators from across the map in generator defense mode. Brutes seemed pretty much the same as ODST's brutes. Elites. ah, it's good to be fighting elites again. They're as tricky as ever and I had plenty of fun encounters with them already. Their AI really seemed to be ramped up. Hunters, are still big bullet sponges still scary as hell if you're running low on ammo that's for sure.

Not sure what else there is to say. We've all played Firefight and with all the customization available it is a great evolution of the mode. I'm hoping in the default version of the mode the waves of covenant aren't too predictable and the mode surprises with a bit more randomness than what we got with ODST's version of the mode. If it does this and with addition of matchmaking I'm sure a lot of us will be spending lots of time in this mode.

Bungie is really setting the bar high by including so much in Reach. Amazing! ::bow::
Is it September yet!?