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G Rom
(06-25-2010, 01:04 AM)
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Ancel explains that they're creating the tools to do Rayman Origins and that they'll release them for free to let everyone experiment with it.
He then say that they basically want to do the same and create their tools for BG&E2. Due to the game being 3D, he says that it takes much more time. They have prototype running where they create entire cities with this tool.

Each time he keep saying that they want to stay small and keep that "family" feeling which enables much more creativity than big teams in his opinion.

If I had known that there would be Michel Ancel and a live demo of Rayman Origins, I would have attended the conference... The show was so small that I didn't bother checking the conferences... :/

Edit: Forgot to say that they target the Rayman Origins tool to output on many platform. He mentioned the iPhone and the iPad and also said that their tool is so simple that it could may even be used on a touch screen. I think, it's safe to say that Rayman will end up on the iOS platforms.