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(11-01-2016, 09:20 AM)

Originally Posted by SixFourMike

Having jumped back and forth between OG and SE and going down the rabbit hole of mods again (I went from "Actually, I can live with just 20 mods" to about 50 in less than a day), while I love the things in SE that I don't think can be replicated well in OG (grass, z-fighting, TAA, rain occlusion) I've found one inescapable truth:

SkyUI is the most important mod ever made for Skyrim. Its absence is holding me back.

I'd happily drop the 20 little tweaks and fixes for SE with SkyUI. Hell, the Ordinator line (forgot the author) is there and his work alone makes the game so much better, so I'm not wanting for the big stuff.

Here's SkyUI port for SE, with the SKSE warning removed.

It was uploaded on Nexus on Oct 29th, but then removed shortly after that.