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best junior ever
(11-16-2016, 01:30 AM)
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I think we may have..won? I've got this support email backpeddling the bans but of course never admitting fault. Have Sony ever conceded a ban before? Also something must have hit a nerve because I never filed a support ticket but they're the ones contacting me.

Your PlayStation Network Account Suspension -

Dear Adam,

You will have received 2 emails from PlayStation Network earlier today explaining that your account "(my PSN username)" had been suspended due to a breach in our Terms of Service. These notifications were sent to you incorrectly, and your account has not been suspended.

Despite this, your activity on our platform by sharing offensive content from Watchdogs2, was a breach of our PSN Terms of Service section 5:
"Do not share anything that is vulgar."
Further breaches may lead to a temporary or permanent suspension of your account or console from PlayStation Network.
We ask all our players to behave decently, respectfully and with consideration for us and other users.
SIEE Moderation team

I would also like to point out the suspensions were very real and I couldn't sign in to my account.