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Originally Posted by hanspampel

great post

hey frank. after the xbox one s reveal and before the eurogamer interview with albert penello about the technical details, mike ybarra already confirmed a die shrink for the new xbox one s soc

so you obviously can't talk about this stuff right now, but i'm sure you can tease or confirm some of the new console tech after the official reveal without getting into too much trouble
so yeah this is just my way of begging to get information a little bit early ;)

Haha, although I probably "know" in that I might have seen it in a slide or something, it's literally not something I have time to think about now and I actually couldn't remember whatever specs I've been exposed to even if I was tortured. I literally couldn't leak or answer a question that went beyond "Can I do this? Does it support that? How many of these could it render?"

What I do remember is that it's beefier than I expected.