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Originally Posted by Saren is Bad

Where are your leaks? Not trying to be an ass just never saw anything

Main thing I brought up numerous times was that I heard the OS was super spartan and bare bones, and that it wouldn't include 3rd party entertainment apps or a browser. I heard months ago that Nintendo wanted an all encompassing mobile app to compliment the Switch experience instead of having a bunch of other shit (both on the console and outside of it as well) competing for your attention.

I said they wanted a machine strictly for games and that was their design philosophy and how they would market it.

I have heard 10 or so third party and indie games that are in development. I leaked steep a few months ago but later backtracked cuz I heard it was canned after the poor launch on the other consoles. That info was wrong apparently.

I was first to mention 3.2gb ram for games and 0.8 for OS, we haven't heard yet if that's true but I guess you should probably assume that based on what we've seen of the OS.

I mentioned 32gb SKU only, I heard one SKU ... I was wrong... but not because of HDD size obviously, just because of color.

I mentioned Nintendo showing a google cardboard like VR solution to devs that is a long way out still. That's been more or less backed up by patents I believe and by Ob1 dude on YouTube.

Software I can't name any other games that I've heard are in development, but a few people guessed correctly based on some hints on at least one game in other threads.

I mentioned a R* game I've heard is in development and due for the fall. Remake/port/remaster whatever you wanna call it. People called me out before on mixing up the terminology. They are dumb. The game was available on 360/PS3 and is still coming to switch as far as I know. Can't say if it's already out on PS4/bone.

All this is in my post history, but here it is now all in one place as well. As always, don't take it as 100% fact as things in development are subject to change. I may have forgot a thing or two I've shared over the past few months, but these are the main things.