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You know, there's really no point having two ongoing Xenoblade threads. Someone should probably create a new one with info we have up to now in the OP, and then I can lock both old ones. :P

Ask and you shall receive.



Concept art

Release date


In the latest entry of the Xenoblade Chronicles series, a new hero will seek
out Elysium on an immense journey through a brand-new world.
• Executive Director: Tetsuya Takahashi (Monolith Software Inc., Executive
Director from Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X)
• Character design: Masatsugu Saito
• Music:
• Yasunori Mitsuda
• ACE (Tomori Kudo, CHiCO)
• Kenji Hiramatsu
• Manami Kiyota

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Launch Date: 2017
Genre: Role-Playing Game
Rating: Rating Pending -Visit for rating information.
Players: 1
Developer: Monolith Software Inc.
Suggested Retail Price: TBD

Plot spoilers

Originally Posted by duckroll

I wonder if the 3 script pages were picked randomly or with specific intent to communicate the tone of the game, because man, one of them is Tales as fuck. Lol.

There's the page with Van Damme explaining the Blade to Rex as I mentioned, and then there's one with a team investigating an ancient ship, which sounds Xeno as hell. And then.... then... there is a bath scene with 3 female characters with awkward shit, including one commenting on the other's figure. Lol.


Originally Posted by duckroll

Oh was he? I don't remember many of the details in Xenoblade anymore, I just googled to check. Yeah, definitely a recurring homage character then.

Regarding the most visible page with Van Damme talking to Rex (the main character).... I think it definitely reveals the main context of the hints in the trailer.

The "Blade" in Xenoblade 2 is definitely a humanoid character as well. The one mentioned is called "Homura" and is likely the red haired girl with the same armor design as the blade Rex has at the end. The wielder of a Blade is called a Driver. As long as the Driver lives, the Blade is immortal and will regenerate from any injury. A Driver protects a Blade. And Rex says he will protect Homura.

Transforming waifu weapons here we come!


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