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Sure, here's the summary.

Remember Reach

The Remember website was found (

The website teases that a "monument" will go live in just over a week.

When all hope on planet Reach seemed lost,
Noble Team stood united in defense of humankind.
In honor of their heroism, we come together.
Remember Noble. Remember Reach.
The Monument to Noble Team burns brighter with each who remembers their courage.

The monument is a montage of light created by a robot (the arm featured on the site) created by Kuka, a robotics and technology company.

Fans wishing to pay tribute to Noble Team's sacrifice will get a chance to remember Noble Team by placing a beacon on the portal. The Kuka robot will then place your light into the montage and you will be notified via Facebook.

Remember Reach goes beyond this "monument" as videos will be shown on the site (TV spots?) and users can print out their own Spartan III program certificate.

This is a preview video showing you behind the scenes setting up the Kuka robot.

This is the first video (TV spot?) called "Patrol"

MP3 of the Ghosts of Reach background music on the site.

Scripts for the other videos


Don't worry Sophie, we'll get you another one next Saturday.

Hybrid/New Life

The timing is insane.
Why? Half our friends have already gone.
We can't live in this Kiva anymore. Manassas is the only choice.
And leave my family? We've been here for three generations.
You think I could just up and go?
Why not?
I don't want you to go.
Oh Gabe, I have to.
Because the company needs me to.
3 Charlie. Come in.
3 Charlie. Copy.
Prep your team for immediate mobilization to Visegrad.
Weíve lost contact with the Comm Relay Hub.
Roger. Weíre on the way. 3 Charlie, out.
There is nothing in Visegrad anymore. Itís dying. Right along with this farm.
Iím so sick of the argument. If we go, how are you going to support us?
Iíll find a job. Alright? Two if I have to. Things will get better.
You donít know that.
Maybe not. But itís better than staying here and having no future at all.
Itís only 3 days Gabe. Iíll be back in no time.
Iíll talk to you every night before you go to bed, ok?
Letís move.


I don't want you to go.
Oh Gabe, I have to.
Because the company needs me to.
I'll tell you what, if you're a good boy, and take care of daddy for me..
I will bring you back a present ok?
It's only 3 days, Gabe. I'll be back in no time.
I'll talk to you every night before you go to bed, ok?
Attention! The following flights have been cancelled...