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(08-18-2010, 02:09 PM)
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Hey! We played this again tomorrow morning, took some pics from the Golden CCPro and picked some details on the game and the Wiimote-Nunchuk controls:

Lots of stuff in Spanish in there, so if you can't read it:

- New Jungle level, set in Africa (SP). Plane crash, stealth approachig to enemies, breakable covers, use your SmartPhone to aim auto guns to enemies.
- Different enemies IA phases. Music dinamically changes depending on action-stealth moments
- Online with experience points and ranks, unlock guns.
- Wiimote + Nunchuck not yet shown, but yu'll use D pad to change weapons, tilt the Nunchuk to take a look from the corners, Wiimote movement for melee atack, buttom for reload. They say they'll have loads of config options, sensititivity and whatnot for each control scheme, including a Gamecube controller one.
- You can mix your control schemes during MP. It can be 4 Wiimote-Nunchuk or 1 Classic, 1 Wiimote, 1 Zapper, etc
- Localized VA confirmed for Euro zone, including Spanish VA.
- Time trial mode will be there.
- Golden Klobb won't exist. Golden CCPro takes the spotlight, Wii Zapper compatible.

Edit: New gamescom screens gallery:

This is the jungle level: