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Originally Posted by foltzie1

Perhaps I dont know how long it takes to rip an individual title. But at two minutes a title you are talking 26 hours. 65 hours a five minutes a title.

It's common to underestimate the work involved.

First step is to clean the carts. I turn this:

Into this:

This step takes about 2-30 minutes.

Then I open the cart, and clean the contacts to ensure a good dump the first try. This takes 3-5 minutes to clean both sides.

Then I scan the PCB and game cartridge at 600DPI. This takes about 5 minutes (my scanner's a bit slow.) Then where possible, I use a heat gun to peel off stickers from boxes, takes about 2-3 minutes. Then scan the box front and back. Each takes 5 minutes.

Then I dump the cartridge using a serial connection between my PC and the SNES. This used to take 20-30 minutes when I was doing it over the controller port with the USA set, but it now takes 5-10 minutes thanks to an expansion port device made for me by defparam.

Then I log all the serial#s on the board and cartridge into a large database by hand. This takes another 2-3 minutes.

Rinse, repeat for every game.

I have very low energy levels and become exhausted after about 2-4 hours of this a day. I've had a lot of theories but never found the definitive cause. But my current guess is that I might have very low testosterone levels. But it's something. Because damn, I am always, always tired no matter how much I sleep.