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(03-20-2017, 09:48 AM)
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So... I can't make threads anymore, but read this on /v/. As usual take it with a large grain of salt, but this all does sound some what feasible.

>It takes place 3 weeks after the first game.
>You play as a freelance journalist named Randell Cooper, who traveled out of state to do a story on the Beacon Mental Hospital massacre from the first game and is also where his brother worked as a doctor. On the belief that the story is being covered, you take control of him sneaking into the hospital at night. This is the prologue
>Most of the game will take place at Randell's home city along with towns and areas outside of it after the prologue. It's called “Riverfall City”.
>Unlike the first game it will run on it's own engine specifically created for it. A lot of names are being thrown around but the most common name for it now is “Nightlight Engine”.
>It's scheduled to be released somewhere around October 2018. The first trailer will be released on this years E3 and a demo is plan to be playable later in the year.
>It will feature backtracking, something wasn't in the first game.
>Certain enemies don't die for good like in the first game.
>The burning mechanic is a bit more complicated than in the previous game. Randell is equipped with a lighter, and oil is used to burn enemies. Oil is limited and has to be collected just like the matches.
>You are able to “dual-wield” of sorts. You can hold a flashlight while holding a gun.
>Saving is done by using water. Take a lake, puddle, or sink for example.
>Unlike the first game there isn't a sole ending, there are at least three. They can be triggered by a certain way you play the game.
>Bosses can now be defeated in multiple ways.
>The tone has a more of a “Silent Hill-vibe” than the Resident Evil one.
>The upgrade system is removed. But certain stats can be increased for a limited time by different colored syringes.
>Healing is done by health kits.
>There is going to be a short live-action prequel. It stars the SWAT team investigating Beacon Mental Hospital right at the end of the first game.
>There is DLC planned. One stars the Keeper's daughter from the Executioner DLC with stealth as it's main control scheme. The other one is only in the planning stages but it apparently stars Joseph. There are also talks about VR with it.
>Shinji Mikami is not involved.
>Bethesda expects to sell over 4 million.

So yeah, grain of salt, but imo doesn't sound unfeasible, also I don't think people are really chomping at the bit for TEW2, so once again kinda feasible.