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Praise be to Zajora,

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Here is a link to the Dropbox backup I created. It contains all covers that I was able to download (that had working links) from both the Custom Cover Art thread and the original PS3 redesign thread.

To get to the full size covers, go to "Custom Covers/[System of your choice]/Large". The "Small" folders are for the 3D Box Previews. "Printed Covers" is for pictures people have taken of the covers from this thread that they've printed.

To download the full resolution of a cover, click the thumbnail/filename, then right click it and select "Download". Although Dropbox will display a scaled preview, the file you download will be full size.

It is possible to change the view between the thumbnail grid and detail view of filenames with this button:

The detail view is useful to find particular games within the folder for systems with large numbers of covers, since you can use Ctrl+F to search for a particular games.

All covers in the Dropbox should be correctly named with their corresponding game, in JPEG format, and tagged with their author. If you notice a cover that has incorrect metadata or is a duplicate, please PM me, Zajora. If you notice a cover that was created by a member and posted in one of the threads but is not included in the Dropbox, please let me know. :)

Also: Please do not link directly to any covers in the Dropbox. I can't guarantee that I won't change the folder organization or the filename, which would lead to a broken link.


The original thread was just for PS3 covers. The thread started to change into PS3/360, Wii games, DS games and so on. This thread is being created to bring in more people and spread the sexyness that are custom covers. The old thread will not be locked but we want to do everything here now. I will try to keep the OP updated for most common templates as well as adding templates (Vita, 3DS) when I get them. Also will update the 2nd post and try to categorize the games by system and update w/ links to posts. I'll try and download all the covers I see so I can re-upload if need be.
Old Thread

PS3- |Combo (includes "Minimal" and regular layers)| |Combo Improved (includes "Minimal" and regular layers)|3D Box|
360 - |["]Minimal Combo|3D Box|
Wii- |Minimal|
DS - |Minimal|3D Box (US)|
3DS - |Minimal|
PSP - |Minimal|3D Box|
GFW- |Minimal|
PS2- |Minimal 1| Minimal 2|
-The 3D Box links are just to show what the cover looks like, see the example below.

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Hey guys, since theres some demand for it, here is the new version of the 3D Previews Box Converter. This time, it includes support for Batch Processing. Please test it out and let me know if there are any issues getting the script to run. Instructions are included within the Zip file.

Please note, you still need to have Adobe Photoshop for these scripts to work. They were tested and working fine on CS5, please let me know if they work on older versions as well.

Xbox 360 & PC 3D Box Converter

PS3 & Wii 3D Box Converter

Originally Posted by Rengoku

ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection

Originally Posted by RedSwirl


Finished products printed by Canova: Here
Finished products printed by Canova: Here
Finished products printed by Aomori: Here

1) Home tutorial by Theman2k
Follow up questions.

2) You can go to a copy/print shop such as Office Max, show them what you want done and they can generally do it w/out an issue. Office Max charged me $.73 per page for Glossy paper. I personally have had problems getting printing done @ Kinko's b/c they don't like the fact that there are trademarks on them such as "PS3" or "Xbox 360".

3) Damaged box? Get new PS3 boxes Here

-Even more templates:
-The GAF Collection thread from back in 09, may give some inspiration:
-Rengoku for the title image and being a huge contributor & helping restart the PS3 thread.
-Redswirl, Canova, Zazrx, alr1 for being a huge contributors & helping restart the PS3 thread.
-Others that have been posting a lot lately and getting the thread moving again:SamuraiX, brandonh83, Penguin nerd (PSP/Wii minimal templates), beats, corro, salro, mik & lots more.