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Gomu Gomu
(09-20-2010, 03:39 AM)
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Yup, he's at it again.

The full sad quote from NYTimes' article. Titled: Japanese Playing a New Video Game: Catch-Up

“I look around Tokyo Games Show, and everyone’s making awful games; Japan is at least five years behind,” said Keiji Inafune, 45, head of global research and development at Capcom and one of Japan’s most prominent game designers.

“Capcom is barely keeping up,” he said in an interview at the show, which ended Sunday. “I want to study how Westerners live, and make games that appeal to them.”

Man. So sad.

In other news Dead Rising apparently is tailored specifically to the West. what??

The company has had more success with its 2006 horror action game Dead Rising, which it tailored specifically to the West. Set in a zombie-infested mall in small-town America, the game gives players more freedom to improvise. Everything in the mall is at the players’ disposal. They can whack zombies with salmon, run them over with shopping carts, even pour cooking oil on the floor to make zombies slip.