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Originally Posted by badcrumble

That dude who came over from the Osaka team to help out with Re:Coded is like the ARPG version of Itou *weeps openly*

That dude has a name. His name is Tai Yasue.

He didn't "go over" to Tokyo or anything. Part of the BbS team is working on Re:Coded, just like how part of the Tokyo team works on all KH games. Even though development on KH games were previously handled by Jupiter, h.a.n.d., and S-E Osaka respectively, the Tokyo KH team is still very much involved with supervising the graphics, art direction, asset creation, etc to keep the series very consistent in terms of look and feel.

What's happening now is that Nomura is so happy with the work S-E Osaka has done on Re:CoM and BbS that S-E Osaka now has their own Osaka KH team, which is like a gameplay division of the KH team now. So for Re:Coded they are in charge of overseeing and supervising the gameplay and level design, while the Tokyo KH team is in charge of overseeing and supervising the graphics and art design.

Although, not all credit should go to S-E Osaka, because the other Hiroyuki Itou (CoM, TWEWY) was hired directly into S-E from Jupiter, and has since worked on 358 Days and now Re:Coded. He's actually a co-director on Re:Coded this time round, and I won't be surprised if he's behind the panel system in 358 Days and the matrix system in Re:Coded. It also explains why S-E stopped using Jupiter, since they managed to steal a talented planning director and can now use him internally on games outsourced to other developers with better technical skills. :lol