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(05-04-2017, 06:39 PM)
I can tell you this isn't a platformer, it's a quiz game you can play with friends! You play the game on your phone and tv screen while doing various challenges or answering questions.

The game utilizes the camera on your phone, you can make a ton of cool crazy faces and it's a lot of fun! Each round consists of various questions and challenges, like answering who would get the most groupies at a rock festival, or drawing a weird mustache on your friends photo's. Also taking pictures to imitate pictures shown on screen.

It's really diverse but mostly, it's a ton of fun.

Not sure what the VR angle is, I'm pretty sure that wasnt in any of the stuff I saw.
it used to be called " It's who you know "

It's being developed by Wish Studios located in brighton UK