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(05-09-2017, 11:37 PM)
Figured I'd drop in and correct a few things before kowtowing back to those awful toxic Steam forums where I do my development.

  1. The blacklist of users was established nearly a year ago when (as you'r probably familiar) Steam moderators did absolutely nothing to stop a rash of troll flood posts while I was trying to offer support for the two mods I was working on at the time. Nobody has been added since, nobody ever will -- largely because I'm done with that entire toxic community.
  2. I was banned for calling someone who was lodging lie after lie after lie about how my software works a "pirate moron". This is not an insult to anyone, it's comically ineffective as an insult. If I wanted to insult these people I could think of much better language.
  3. My anti-piracy measures actually have nothing to do with my personal views on individual piracy. I don't condone the practice, I don't generally think highly of people who do it, but this is not done to punish them. It is to protect me against asset injection of copyrighted material, which began to happen in my mods between Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Berseria.

    It is the party who facilitates copyright infringement who always takes the fall, never the end-user who commits the crime. So pirates - take my actions as some sort of punishment if you will, but they're not even about you - I don't care in the slightest what you do as long as I'm not tied to it.

There is now a license that requires a simple SteamAPI validity check. Nothing malicious happens if you fail this check, you're just presented with an infinite license screen that you can click Accept on but since you don't respect licenses the license doesn't respect your click.

Pirates are free to
  1. Uninstall the mod and accept that you're not entitled to everything in this world and acting like a giant baby because you don't get your way is immature.
  2. Obtain a modified version from someone else who condones piracy and who can take responsibility for how their modification is used.
  • Either way I don't care, you're out of my hair and that's 5 minutes of my time well spent.