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(10-10-2010, 10:43 AM)
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Originally Posted by Tapiozona

If you can't afford to eat at the restuarant and tip then you shouldn't be eating there at all. Servers make like 2 bucks an hour and need your tips to live. How would you like it if you had your pay cut because some inconsiderate dick never thought about anyone but himself?

I guarantee you make more than a server's based off their wage. They're the lowest payed people in the US without their tips but you don't give a shit do you? Do everyone a favor and eat at McDonalds. No need to tip and you won't be as poor when you walk out the door since obviously a few extra dollars is SOOO tough for you.

Woah woah woah. I didn't think I had said anything offensive just that I give what I can and if I come up short well then that's just how it is. You're reacting like I'm one of those people with their "WELL THEY SHOULD HAVE PICKED A BETTER JOB THEN!" spiel. I'm not. Don't group me in with them.

Whenever I'm eating at a restaurant I'm usually not alone and we all chip in for the meal and then leave. I'm asked to pay a certain amount and so I give what I can. I can't stress enough how rare it is for me to actually dine at a restaurant to begin with. I don't make much money myself so when I go to a restaurant where the cheapest thing on the menu is like 25 dollars then I give whatever I have left to spend as a tip. I usually get dragged along with a group, and I'm not one of those people who researches a restaurant before I go.

I can tell that you're a server or are close with people who are, and in my opinion I think people who work at restaurants should just get an average wage so they aren't forced to rely on tips. But whatever I don't want this thread to turn into a giant debate over the subject.