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Oh boy, had I known that my post (poorly phrased and a bit over-dramatic in hindsight) would blow up like this, I wouldn't have hit 'Submit Reply'.

Originally Posted by Marche90

I think the issue of why people are thinking like that is that while you guys have been working on the editing, and I'm sure you're doing your best considering you're not getting paid for it, nothing else has been shown to the general public. While I understand that doing stuff like that can slow down progress a bit, showing editing %'s or an estimate would go a long way to calm people down, even if a date isn't attached to it.

Honestly, as a fan speaking, my wishes to play the game the way it should be are at odds to play it now, simply because something exists. Since I don't know the original language those wishes exists, whether I like it or not (and to make matters worse, since English is not my first language my tolerance for bad grammar is higher). It's just the nature of fan translations and the lack of knowledge of those who read them. Don't consider it as a shot against your work

Sharing a progress percentage is hard with a script fragmented over hundreds of files. I'm currently focusing on the script files within Crossbell City. What I can share is the environment we work in and what it (currently) looks like once the script gets imported back in the game, including the new font:

Not to get dramatic again, but I owe the people asking for more transparency an answer.

The lion share of the disappointment I touched on before comes from the limited time I can work on the script and as a result, the slow progress. After a day of work, I got an hour, maybe two, to work on it. Then I have to decide whether I dedicate that time slot to Zero or the wiki. That time slot is sometimes swallowed by other things in life. And occasionally, I'm just too tired. Still, when I do work on it, like today, I'm thoroughly enjoying it -- partially because the cast is so much fun.