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Originally Posted by Carl2291

Wrath of Cortex and Twinsanity.

I'd be a happy man.

Originally Posted by Yukinari

This is never ever gonna happen in a million years but i want Crash Twinsanity to be a finished game and with the visuals of the crash trilogy.

Like ask Travelers Tales for all the unused ideas and work with them to give us a complete version of the best post Naughty Dog game.

Originally Posted by KeyChainDude

Crash Twinsanity is the most underrated Crash game ever. It's end was rushed, sure, but after the original trilogy it's the best take we had in the franchise. It's also the best "openworld" Crash. Coming back to it with some improvements and additional content could do wonders.

Did you know - the Travelers Tales dev team behind Crash Twinsanity (of which I am one ;)) meet up every so often, and talk about the possibility of pitching a remastered version with all of the cut content put back in...including the scenes shown below ->

Also, did you know that one of the producers on Twinsanity (from Vivendi Universal) now works for Vicarious Visions...

...interesting developments...