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(11-05-2010, 07:31 AM)
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Beat the game without killing anything. Great ending. i went Independent and liked that i could basically use diplomacy to talk everyone down at the end.

My stats right before the end..

There were two or three more quests i could have completed. One being the Bleed Me Dry quest with the eggs. i actually finished it by sneaking to all the objectives.. BUT i must have walked over a mantis on the first leg and didnt notice until 3 hours later so i said "Fuck it" and just reloaded before that quest and finished the game out :lol Tack on another 5-6 dialog successes for using Barter with Red Lucy and i broke 200 dialog checks.. woohoo! :lol

Game was great start to finish. NV basically takes Fallout 2 and runs with it.. more factions, more ways to complete things, more enemies, etc.. The only quest where i was disappointed with the ending was the one for the Van Grafs.. there was no option to save Cassidy so i had to skip it to keep my pacifist playthrough in check.

Also nice to see Lockpicking balanced out in New Vegas. In FO3 Science is fairly useless because 90% of all the computer terminals just unlock what could be picked. There were so many skill checks for Science in NV though.. it seems that the Science Boy walkthrough that the one guy who did the FO2 guide talked about cutting finally made its way into a Fallout game.

Of all the companion quests i think Arcades was my favorite. Really nice especially with what it leads to. i couldnt do Rauls or ED-Es though because i already did the stuff that triggered their quests by the time i hit 30. Oh well, maybe next time.

i think my final playtime was 51 hours. Add another 2-3 for that Thorn Egg quest and another 10 or so for exploring everywhere and looting all the places (i had no need since wtf was i going to do with a unique weapon :lol) and 70 hours is most definitely possible.

Time to put NV away for a bit. i already did a couple incomplete playthroughs before i decided to do a pacifist run so ive easily put in 100 hours since i picked NV up.

Thanks Obsidian and thanks Bethesda for not hogging the franchise (and using it wisely) for bringing out the best rpg in years.

Bedtime :lol

edit: oh! Most standout moment.. was about House... thinking he was that Elder Elijah that Veronica was talking about only to find out that he really is House from Pre-War times. All shriveled up and sickly. i felt bad about letting him live but i didnt want to kill him :lol