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(11-17-2010, 06:12 AM)
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Originally Posted by Kittonwy

The whole partners program is a complete bend-over for top tier, hit-making developers who hold all the cards, why would EA want help these guys reform a new studio with EA money and then not have any IP rights when the Bizarre guys really don't have any leverage right now?

EAP doesn't really fund anything directly. They normally work through completion bonded arrangements, where a financier will front the dev cost throughout development, and EA will reimburse at the end of the project assuming it makes it to the end of completion.

So, if they basically gave a publishing deal to a newly formed studio, that could help secure financing both for a project and studio as it provides a route to market, EA locks in a talented team, doesn't need to put down any money up front, and doesn't have any production risk.