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(11-30-2010, 05:31 PM)
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Hey guys,

Long time no talk.
Sorry for having been silent so long.

Well, we've been quite busy not being dead, lately :D
But we won a badge in the process. It's a rare one.

I'll make a short post soon on where we are heading, but wanted to take the opportunity to give you guys as promised a little feedback on our Arkedo Series.

Was it worth do do them?
Are we happy with them?

Hopefully it will give other game devs (and gamers) a better understanding of it.

So, lets start with the basic numbers.

Well, that was quite allright, thanks to XNA being an awesome platform. Each Series would take approximately 1 month, for a team of 2 (great) guys (or girl, for 02-SWAP!). Well, a little more: let's say 6 weeks :) So depending on where you are located, cost of labor and massages, etc. it can vary quite a lot, but let's say that here in France, where massages are cheap, it was something around 10 K€ in wages and taxes per Arkedo Series. A little more for 03-PIXEL!, but you get the idea.

Here are the raw numbers.

01-JUMP, (launched 09/09, take that, Dreamcast 2!)
* Trials: 42 974
* Purchases: 4 990
* Purchase/Trial Ratio: 11.61 %

02-SWAP, (launched 10/09)
* Trials: 20 278
* Purchases: 4 369
* Purchase/Trial Ratio: 21.55 %

03-PIXEL, (launched 11/09)
* Trials: 62 636
* Purchases: 11 432
* Purchase/Trial Ratio: 18.25 %

04-SLASH (nah, kidding ^^).

How much money did you guys make?
The Arkedo Series are priced 240 MS moints, which are approx $3, same in Euros (haha).
Microsoft takes around 30% off the 240 MS Points for their own massages, which makes sense. 2 Eurodollars left, yay!


If you are a non-US studio and your country has a tax treaty with the US, there is an additional minigame for you if you want: try and not pay taxes twice (once in the US, once in your own country).

If you don't do this, another 30% is deducted from your royalties, so you have got a pretty good incentive to use the proposed workaround. It looks quite horrible (I... have to fill all these forms, call the IRS and enroll on something and maybe be wrong and then get US Tax Ninja fly to my home?) but in the end it's a simple form, and the IRS is pretty friendly after all, at least when you call from abroad with a horrible French accent and you have blatantly no idea what you are talking about.

Arkedo made between 1.5 and 2€ per Arkedo Series.
Approx 20.000 Arkedo Series were sold on the Indie Games.

So we made between 30K€ and 40K€.
That is approx. 40K$ to 50K$.


Next post : how much we really made.