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Xseed deleted my texture pack thread so i'm remaking it here

Step 1: Chinese HD textures from the Joyoland Chinese port

I created a HD Chinese Environmental Texture Pack
This uses the Chinese Joyland port textures which were upscaled and re-worked and look a bit better than the Xseed PC port.
This covers ALL the textures for the environments throughout the whole game.
It looks like Xseed upscaled the GUI portraits and touched up the enemy characters

unless there are any bugs this release is pretty much complete and I will most likley be making HD textures that compliment this pack which I will continue here

Changelog :
v1 - test release
v2 - fixed npc dialog crashes
v3- added installer, added world objects textures (signs/ore/tree stumps)

To Install:
1. Download the latest Chinese texture pack now with installer:!b0s0FLBb!-uXbw64wZ...lj5NaEy-TC0E3Y
2. Extract to your Ys Seven root folder
3. Run Install_Pack.bat and wait for it to finish backing up your files and installing the textures
4. Run the game!

To Remove:
1. Run Uninstall_Pack.bat and wait for it to finish restoring your backed up files
2. Run the game!

Step 2: HD Texture pack to use on top of the Chinese Texture Pack
This gets updated almost daily. Currently includes all titanos up to the Giant Octopus

- HD Adol
- HD Altago City textures
- Retexured Segrim Desert sand
- Retextured Ancient Tree
- Misc environmental textures
- HD/reskinned ALL Titano bosses up to Wind Shrine

Download HD PACK v 7.8 :
-To Install-
1. Download Kaldaien's Texture Injector mod here
2. Unzip to your Ys Seven game folder (ex C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Ys SEVEN\ or C:\GOG\Ys Seven\)
3. Unzip texture pack to same folder
4. Play game. It should say "HD PACK" on the title screen if its working

Alternative Install (possible performance Increase):

-To Install-
- Install Kaldaien's texture injector mod
- Place the pack inside Ys SEVEN\SK_Res\inject, do not unzip
- Delete the "textures" folder inside Ys SEVEN\SK_Res\inject

Special thanks to DarkSpartan for working on this with me

Japanese "Undub" Pack

This replaces the english "voices" used during attacks to their Japanese versions

1. Extract to \Ys Seven\ game folder

Example XSEED vs JOYLAND textures