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(09-26-2017, 03:49 PM)
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Lol all those quotes.

Been sitting on this cuz I'm not sure it's really worthy of a post (because I lack the most important details) but fuck it, why not...heard awhile back more from R* is in development, from my most reliable source, but wouldn't confirm what or when. Essentially was told it shouldn't be a surprise what title it is. I personally fully expect a GTA title (whatever it may be) because it makes sense since you see everyone clamoring for it in every damn thread, and it's the biggest game on Earth. It's probably Table Tennis lol Now watch this post get turned into Youtube videos and GoNintendo news articles again, when I said nothing at all of actual substance. For real this is in no way confirming a GTAV port is coming, it's just my solid as fuck source giving me some info and my own educated guessing. Probably shouldn't have said anything because I have nothing, and in 6 months or a year when another R* title gets announced I can claim I was right. So just ignore what I said somehow. I blew it.

Now back to discussing LA Noire.

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There is a time and a place for everything vern, this was neither.

You are right. I regret my post.