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Seemingly has multiplayer.


Originally Posted by Gamasutra Job 1

Sr Game Designer Multi Player

Game Designer Multi-Player


· Responsible for the overall multi player design vision for the game

· Responsible for being a liaison to our partner studio in Montreal

· Act as producer for levels you design, as well as other parts of the game, collaborating across disciplines to get work done and clear dependencies, ensuring deadlines are met, and championing aspects of the game play

· Work directly with artists, programmers, animators and other game designers to contribute to the vision of the game

· Responsible for all aspects of multi-player game design including co-op, player vs. player, and creation of maps and environments

Requirements & Skills

· Experience designing multi-player levels for console games

· Minimum 5 years of game design experience with at least 2-3 in multi-player

· Strong methodology and problem solving ability and with a focus on creative, fun and innovative solutions

· Excellent communication skills and problem solving

· Strong experience with both system and level design

· Exceptional team player with the ability to collaborate with other team members in design, art, animation and programming

· Willingness to take design direction when offered

· Understands the competitive landscape of the action adventure genre

· Very good working knowledge of Maya

· Experience of developing third-person action games

· A passion for video games and an avid gamer

· Ability to travel up to 50%


Originally Posted by Gamasutra Job 2

Producer Multi Player

Producer Multi-Player

Crystal Dynamics is looking for a talented, enthusiastic, and highly organized individual with demonstrable project management experience to take on a major production role in the multi-player part of an upcoming action adventure title. For this role, we are looking for an individual with outstanding communication skills and a proven track record in production, having successfully produced or managed a team designing multi-player parts of an AAA title.

This Producer will work in support of the Executive Producer to coordinate, track, and guide activities of the multi-player staff to ensure that projects are completed on time and with high quality. Exposure to formal project management techniques in an internal development environment is a must as well as knowing how to lead a team toward milestone achievements..


•Works with Executive Producer and leads in each discipline to determine resources necessary to see projects through to completion.

•Coordinates tracks and manages the activities of the team to ensure that project tasks are completed on time.

•Provides motivation and direction to ensure that project goals, objectives, milestones and deliverables are achieved.

•Contributes to a positive work environment.

•Help provide leadership and vision for the multi-player side of the title, working with the Executive Producer, Sr producers, and Creative Director.

•Other duties as assigned.


•Experience producing the multi-player parts of a AAA title including creation of maps, player vs. player, and co-op.

•Ability to communicate effectively and mediate between programming, art, animation and design personnel.

•Internal and External development experience

•Experience managing teams and delivering products on time.

•Knowledge of software development process and project management.

•Proven experience managing schedules and design requirements to implement multi-player features.

•Aggressiveness in finding new ways to problem-solve and work with resolutions.

•Unrelenting self-motivation and initiative.

•Ability to travel up to 50%

•Strong Knowledge of Microsoft Project, Excel, Word, & PowerPoint

•A passion for video games and an understanding of the competitive landscape