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The game looks great, the price is right, but anyone else tempted not to buy it because of this?
Having to sign in with two or three accounts, couple moaning dialog boxes, learn how Xbox Live multiplayer is SO different and powerful compared to normal multiplayer that Steam can't handle(?), all for Microsoft to get rid of the service in a couple years.

But it still looks so good - 14 Minutes of Age of Empires Definitive Edition PC Gameplay August

Sign into 2 or 3 accounts? you are talking nonsense, when i go buy a game i click buy..and it downloads and i play. What 2 or 3 accounts are you talking about?
You are talking about MS as if its some small company like Valve is, and when i say small im talking profile, revenue, market cap, and in every way tiny compared to a MS, SO for windows app store to go, windows would have to also go... while they are nothing in mobile, when you take desktop/laptop into consideration, they still have a monopoly.
Steam is a walled garden, so is ios app store, MS app store, and anyone could argue against any app or game being exclusive to anyone of them. But you are exaggerating, and being a loud minority.