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(10-05-2017, 09:48 PM)
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Great way to kill your online community and poison the sales of the eventual Steam release lol

Originally Posted by ProBusinessgamer

If you think its broke then maybe you should learn how to use a computer, maybe its user error. Its so broke but i can download and play games.... its easier to complain about personal failures, generally people who are fine are in the silent minority.

Nope. It's broke because it's motherfucking broke.

Originally Posted by ProBusinessgamer

And you have sales data from Win 10 store? i didnt think so, are there any posts that are not full of assumptions based on personal opinions.

*looks at sales of Rise of the Tomb Raider and Infinite Warfare on W10 store*

Originally Posted by ProBusinessgamer

Because MS isnt a small company like valve, sony, nintendo... They link the store to there OS which still has a monopoly on desktops/laptops.
Last i seen i am playing BC games i paid for in the last gen for free when they become available, and they are doing the same with original xbox... thats more of a indication of support then your lazy message that makes no sense at all.
Maybe you should look at how many installs windows 10 has, and you think its going away in a couple of years..

Ah, I see fanboys have erased GFWL from their minds entirely.