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Originally Posted by FLUXCapacitor

I don't know. I'm having a hard time seeing much a problem here other than you can pay real money it get stuff sooner.

Say I decide to not spend any money and just grind for loot crates in hopes of what I'm looking for. How is it any different than grinding in an RPG or MMO for that rare drop your looking for? At least it gives some incentive to keep playing and unlocking stuff rather than having everything thrown at you quickly. Really all its doing is deviating from a linear progression of leveling up your character and knowing what your getting as you increase in level, to a RNG system more along with lines of an standard loot based RPG. People grind thousands of hours is games like Diablo to get gear and never complain.

Yeah it's not really an RPG, but I guess I'm one of the few not to bothered by all of this.

Originally Posted by _Ryo_

Angry Joe's (Unfinished) Math
In the BETA
Average of 15CM per loot crate
900 CM per class for 2 weapons
3 guns per class
4 classes
3x4 = 12 guns
12guns x 900 CM
10, 800 CM to unlock 12 weapons
10,800 CM /15M per loot crate =720 loot crate openings
so basically 720 loot crate opening for 12 guns
which he says you're rewarded the same amount of credits irregardless of how well you play the game. And it took them 5 hours to open 2 loot crates on average
And the items actually affect the gameplay such as decreasing damage, etc.


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To be fair, I also hear that weapons unlock based on character levels, so scrap will get you a high end weapon earlier rather than later, but it still looks to be pay to win. You'd still need to open an average of 60 crates to get a gun if you haven't unlocked it by leveling, according to Joe's math.