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Originally Posted by Rodelero

Pity Angry Joe missed out one of the main ways you get currency (at least in the beta) which is through challenges. Also, is 900 crafting materials correct? I don't think it is that much.

900 was the gun + scopes and other unlocks.

The game had one additional weapon to unlock. We don't know if that was an expensive gun or a cheap gun relative to what will be in the final release. Maybe all the guns will be the same 500 or 600 credits or whatever. The unlocksble gun had 3 attachments priced at 100 scrap or credits or whatever each.

Also a reminder: not every loot box will have crafting mats in it. So his estimate of 15 mats per box is high.

So yes, we're looking at maybe 3,600 hours of play to unlock all weapons + attachments assuming nothing changes.

Bonus events and challenges notwithstanding.

How about we just show some resolve and not patron EA for this product instead of spending time trying to find random shit like daily challenges (which you may or may not feel like being bothered with) to continue trying to justify paying for this game in spite of everything we now know.