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Originally Posted by toythatkills

It makes me happy to know that at least someone notices these :D

Really looking forward to your games, Bonded Realities somewhat more, though!

I understand. I made Hyper Button because after the Everest that was developing Bonded Realities I wanted to make something a bit more relaxing in whatever time I had left over. I can guarantee you though, I still treated it very seriously and not like shovelware at all.

I'm thinking of recording the opening sequence of Bonded Realities on Youtube, to show off the jokes involved.

Originally Posted by Neuromancer

Jesus Christ those 'seagulls' :lol

I hope NOT ONE PERSON buys that game

Oh believe me, all this attention (despite the negativity of it all) will do wonders for this game's sales :/
(But on second thought, the fact that there's a trial mode feature may do more harm for this game than good. Thanks for that Microsoft! :lol )