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Now the image on the site is changing everyday and more things are added to the mix!
Day 5

Day 4

Day 3

Day 2

Day 1


Original Post:
FilthiRich, Namco Bandai's CM, posted a puzzle yesterday, telling the followers that he guarantees this will be something they will like.
The puzzle was this:

some glyphs each one standing for a character, he later gave a hint that one of the symbols is an 'F'

then this site was found:

which is the solution of the puzzle:
here is how:


the site contains a distorted image of Tales of Graces f.


checking the whois record of this site:

Originally Posted by Rpgmonkey

Looking at the domain information:

-Registered on the 12th.
-Registrant is located in Spain? NB is in CA and that's where the registrant is typically listed as being.
-Registrar is, which has done other NB game sites.
-Server is located in New York, most servers seem to be in CA for NB games.

the other thing that links the two site is the way files are named: for example:

and Richard is a character in Tales of Graces, the name of the site is about the plot of the game.

thanks to everyone contributing in the other thread.