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PSN GAF Players!
Eraldo Coil made the GAF Mahvel 3 Chat on Psn. If you're interested in joining the PSN Gafcrew in MVC3 make sure you get someone to send you a link (Ploid, Eraldo_Coil, etc.). Anyone that's already has access. You must be on someone's friend list to receive a link.

SSF4 had a invite chatroom feature that made being able to invite people in the rooms easier, it also let people know that there was a new room going on, although it could get your inbox a bit flooded if you've been in the room for hours. I have no idea if MVC3 will have that feature.

Location of Text Chat:

Right there.

This is how the room links look. They never disappear unless you delete them. If everyone delete the links the room is forever gone unless you make another one and invite another person.

The Chat:
This is how the main chat area looks. There are censors and when you are censored people may make jokes about how strict the censor is. Poor Sp**vy

In Game chat bubbles:
This is how the chat looks while you're in the game. You can have this removed by disabling the notifications or leaving the room before your match. Leaving the room is popular among Gaf Chat tourney matches.

Also if you hit the Home Button (Playstation symbol) you can bring up the chat box while in a game. This is the main way to access the chat room while you have a game or something loaded already.

If you select participant list you can see the members currently in the text chat.

The point, it's so much easier to find random games with this than asking in the OT and possibly turning it into a community thread with talk of invites or whatever. Never have to ask if someone is interested in a game unless you're in this room asking.


Also I don't think you guys should worry about a scrub PSN chat yet. Most of us will be scrubs, though we may need a second room anyway. But wait on scrub until after launch to find out if you can't keep up.

If you want a invite to psn chat. You should send the friend request to the members already in it with "MVC3 PSN Chat" in the letter body.
Much easier that way.

Another reason it's better to send friend request yourself is that if the person see your invite request on this thread and sends you a friend invite he may forget when you accept later. When the person can add and send you a link in one step it's much easier.

People already in.