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That's basically the main issue I see with the PSP2. If Sony can find a way to turn it around and make the PSP2 meaningful outside of Japan to attract third party publishers to seriously consider that it has a chance outside of Japan, that would be a different issue. At the moment though, I'm not seeing it.

That press conference seemed like it was entirely aimed at the west Bam uncharted then go through every Sony first party hit there is, The only thing that was from the Japan side was whee, MHP3 with AA. I mean third party developers spoke almost nothing of what they were doing, so I'd say we can make judgements just yet...........

(On that note what happened to Sony Japan's 2nd and third party studios, why we do we have so many worldwide studios but almost nothing left in Japan now?


ご心配おかけします。メディクリはamazon等の通販は集計されない事や集計店舗も1部みたいですので数字は正確ではないようです。360ソフトは通販がメイ ンになりますので。発表数の倍くらいと思って頂けると近い数字になると思います。ウチもamazonが50%です

EDIT: Students of the Round table companies president updated his twitter again with more information on sales: "media create doesn't include amazon sales in it's calculations , so the numbers are not correct, for 360 software Internet sales are main. think of the sales of games as being double what is reported, 50% of students of the round table sales came from amazon"

しかし、出回るソフト販売本数って随分違うよなぁ。あるメーカーさんも本数が倍違ってたし(10万本も違う)('∞')y─┛~~ 見えているだけの数字に振り 回されないように・

He's heard of examples from other makers where sales have been off by more then double(100,000 copies) what was reported.
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