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Originally Posted by DarkWish

So basically it's like this...

AR Game #1: Target Shooting
- Uses the ? Card
- Shoot targets that appear; move around in real space to hit them

AR Game #2: Star Viewer
- Uses any AR Card
- Pose static figures of various Nintendo characters (or Mii's if you use the ? Card) and take photos

AR Games #3-6 are unknown.

EDIT: Wait... APZonerunner, since you have a 3DS, could you tell us what the other AR Games are? Or are you not allowed to say?

Two are the Mii Viewer and the Star Viewer. There's also the "Shooting" and one that's called, er... Targets? Something like that. I forget without checking, and right now I'm on my laptop downstairs, but... it's basically a Billiards style game. It warps the 'terrain', puts obstacles in your way, and then you're positioned behind a ball. You move around the ball to aim, and hit A to hit the ball - you have to try to hit a target that is around/past the things in your way.

There are two more, but when I was playing today for a couple of hours with the AR games stuff but the two other boxes (the furthest left) both just say "???" - I imagine if I complete all the different levels of the other things they might unlock or something. Will investigate tomorrow, of course.