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Here a short summary of the PCGames article for my fellow gaffers:


- you are again the same nameless heroes of Risen
- he is now living in a small harbour village called "Caldera"
- you are now wearing the Ocular of the inquisitor (story relation not known yet)
- the game is now spread about multiple islands
- there is still the inquisition located on one of the islands
- ..... (more later)
- the story is more complex and will have different consequences depending on your choices
- you will meet familiar faces like Carlos, Gregorius Steelbeard,...

- pirate setting
- its no longer on Faranga from Risen
- you can travel to different islands by ship (if you can have an own ship is not known yet)
- in the sea lives different sea monsters who attack ships
- it will also have an fast travel system on the islands
- the islands will have different climate zones with different settings and monsters
- guns,canons and othe fire weapons in the game
- there is still magic
- skill system same as Risen
- should feel more realistic than Risen (for example chests who are empty or have rubble in it, but to every chest is a story)
- the world is bigger as in Risen
- side quests should be more complex than in Risen

Graphic / Technic
- animation is now motion captured
- NPCs and monsters more detailed
- bump mapping, realisitc relatime clouds instead of a skybox
- more realisitc faces
- no loading times on the islands and invisible walls only short loading by changing the island
- NPCs talking with each other (for example you can hear a conversation between too NPCs when the treasurer leave his treasure)
- every NPC has a daily routine like in Risen
- in the night different monsters than on the day like in Risen

- there will be Gnomes again
- minecrawler
- some familiar and some completly new monsters
- also normal animals like apes,boars,... depending on the climate zone

- Risen 2 is about 80% done they doing voice recording right now

Source and much more: