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Originally Posted by S1kkZ

my god this game is fucking awesome!
spoilers chapter 2.3, no story spoilers just level/setting
right now i am in a futuristic theme park, the main attraction are godzilla like robotic monsters. first you walk around in a miniature city (feels and looks like a futuristic godzilla set) and kill standard enemies. then one of the robotic godzillas goes nuts and you try to get away. now comes the fun part: you manage to get the remote and control the thing for a little bit and fuck up some enemies

Played this last night - loved it to bits.

About halfway through and it's turned out surprisingly good compared to the prologue, and many many times better than the demo. Epic should never have released the demo - i know it turned off some people. The actual game is nothing like that.

The combat is furious and fun. Everything's campy and cheesy and over the top till now - but in a good way. Sort of like a bad movie which is so so bad you'll enjoy it after a night of binging. The dialogue is pure gold - it had me sold at 'dicktits' anyways. The pacing of the game so far has been spot on - adrenaline pulsing droves of enemies riddled with gaps to get your breath back.

The skill shots are not necessary, but they are great to pull off. And the level layout is also such that with a little bit of strategy it's easy to pull them off and rack up the skill points. The skill points help to get ammo and unlock special weapon powers - highly recommended if you want to uncover all skill moves. There's also a nice touch which indicates which skill moves are not done and sort of taunts you to complete them quickly.

Now for the bad part - some of the cutscenes are pukeworthy. Enemy AI is a bad joke. I mean they are really really dumb. Friendly AI is pretty dumb as well. I don't like the way that as soon as you move forward in an area backtracking is completely cut off - dammit I want to go back after killing a few enemies to get some ammo from a dropbox.