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(03-15-2011, 10:00 PM)
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Dayuumm...DICE's Demize99 (Alan Kertz - Sr Gameplay Designer on BF3) is going off on KAOS on twitter:!/demize99/stat...45559708180480:

Forum Comment of the Day: "Kaos should've stuck to making complete mods for DICE games." Ouch. Bit harsh. We are hiring BTW Kaos...!/demize99/stat...46972811132928:

I wouldn't hire people I think suck. I don't expect KAOS studio to last... THQ was already talking up moving them away from New York.

He just now tweeted:!/demize99/stat...50920209039360:

#sigh I think KAOS is full of talented people. Quit twisting my words people.


tweet 1) ...We are hiring BTW Kaos...
tweet 2) I wouldn't hire people I think suck.

Maybe in 2 he is saying he would hire them because he thinks they're pretty good but his wording is just strange, especially in sequence.