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Khloe and Lamar live really far away from Staples Center, making it problematic when the Lakers play a tough game and Lamar is too tired to drive all the way home. Being rich and privileged, they decided to get an apartment closer to LA Live so they can use it as a crash pad. After tonight's tough game, they stop off at the downtown apartment so they can "go night night." Unfortunately, Khloe arrives to a surprising discovery -- Lamar's best friend from back home, Jamie, is already chilling there. Even worse, he's smoking in their home. Khloe is about to go off on him for smoking but stops because she sees a strange purse laying on the coffee table. Jamie explains that the purse belongs to the person he just finished having sex with (in their bed) and he tends to smoke after his release.

As Lamar's best friend/hangeron, Jamie has the cushy job of running Rich Soil, Lamar's clothing line.

Oh god, Khloe's best friend/assistant calls her "kaykay." What is with these people and their babytalk?

Anyway, the BFF/assistant calls KayKay over to let her know she was looking at the Rich Farm web site and every item was sold out. This puts KayKay in a tough spot because doesn't want to be a snitch but, at the same time, it's her husband's side business and he has to know how badly Jamie is mismanaging it.

There's a subplot about KayKay's idiot Celebrity All Star brother becoming a manager or a producer of some girlband but nobody gives a shit about that.

This sounds like a decent show