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Assassin's Creed: Revelations

- Ezio is looking for seals in Revelations. These seals hold the memories of Alair. They'll allow Ezio to peek into Altair's life (just as Desmond uses Animus to peek into his ancestors lives).
- You'll control Altair through these sequences.
- The bulk of the game is set in Constantinople which will be split into 4 huge districts (Constantin, Beyazid, Imperial and Galata)
- You'll also visit Cappadocia
- Ezio is over 50 years old in this game
- Ezio has a new item called the hookblade which allows him to use ziplines throughout the city. UBI says that it speeds up navigation by about 30%
- You can also use the hookblade to reach out and pull enemies in for a combo
- Ezio can now make bombs through a crafting system. UBI says that there are over 300 bomb types
- They've modified the control scheme so that circle/B will control the hookblade and triangle/Y will control project weapons and bombs
- Eagles vision has become eagle sense. "Eagle sense let's you focus on a character and see where he's been," Amancio says. "You'll get an approximation of where he will go. If you're able to detect the path a guard will take, you can run ahead, set a bomb, and create a trap or an ambush."
- They've expanded on the Borgia Towers concept in order to create a new system. Throughout the city there are Assassin's Den's, you'll need to complete various assault scenarios in order take down the Templar presence (UBI says that there's more variety than in the Borgia Towers). Once you obtain a den you'll be able to upgrade the buildings in that region along with adding ziplines across the rooftops. You'll also be able to change the guards from being hostile to neutral.
- You can lose control of you dens as you gain notoriety. You'll be able to send your own troops after the templars if you're unable to make it back to the specific den that's being attacked. You can do that by making it to any of the other dens that you currently control. You'll also be able to install a master assassin to control a specific den and you'll never have to worry about it being taken over.
- The assassin leveling mechanic has been increased from 10 to 15
- In order to make the world more immersive they've done away with traditional side missions in favor of random events. For example you may be traveling through a city and notice a shop owner being robbed or a little girl asking for help
- They're using a new type of capture facial technology called Mocam that GI describes as an "intriguing amalgamation of traditional animation, performance capture and the fascinating new style of performance on display in games like LA Noire."
- Desmond is placed back inside Animus where he finds a safe mode called the 'Black Room'. You'll be able to access Desmond's lost memories through that back door
- The gameplay during Desmond's game is described as narrative-fueled puzzle sequences. "Through the manipulation and creation of geometry with the game world, Desmond seeks to reintegrate the splintered layers of his subconscious."
- Multiplayer is returning but this time they're trying to give more focus to the narrative since that's a big part of AC
- You'll be able to custom your character appearance and weapons as well as create guilds.

Rayman Origins
- Ancel notes that he's been working on BG&E2 for "a while". He said they've had a little break from that project that that's where RO started
- He noted that few people finished the original Rayman due to its difficulty. They hope to change that by making this one more accessible while still offering a challenge
- They're trying to design the game to fit various platforming styles. So people that enjoy collecting will have plenty to collect but it's also being designed for those that like to do speedruns
- The Lums you collect will act as currency for new power ups, health and 'I Dare You' challenges.
- 'I Dare You' challenges are where you wager on whether you can complete a complex, acrobatic chain.
- The game now supports 4 player local (they don't say anything about online) co-op.
- "The levels are designed with both single-playing and multiplayer in mind, so no one is at a loss if a player tackles the game alone or in a group.
- Rayman, Globox and two teensies were the 4 characters used in the mutliplayer demo
- In order to keep the game accessible all characters will have the same abilities
- While the game was a downloable title it has since become a full retail title. Ancel said that comes from people wanting to make a real sequel
- It's due this holiday for the PS3 and 360

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Outland - 9
Portal 2 - 9.5 (GoTM)
Mortal Kombat - 9.5
Operation Flashpoint: Red River - 6
M&M: Clash of Heroes HD - 7.75
MJ The Experience - 7.75
SOCOM 4 - 7.75
Darkspore - 8.5
Anamoly: Warzone Earth - 8
Conduit 2 - 6
Patapon 3 - 6.75
Splinter Cell 3D - 5
Dynasty Warriors 7 - 6
Carnival Games - 5
Section 8: Prejudice - 8
Island of Wakfu - 7
The Sims Medievil - 7