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(05-09-2011, 09:11 AM)
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OXM Info...

- you can jump and roll, and blindfire has been introduced.

- As well as gaining civilisation's alliegance, you can lose them to the Reapers if you don't play right, similarly to losing squadmates in the suicide mission.

- Your weapons have three upgrade slots -scope barrel and grip, and you can change the colour and camoflage of weapons.

- Cerberus and husks will be main enemies, and cerberus is divided into three main types of troops - heavy bruisers, medium and light.

- You may be able to get an eyepiece, like Garrus's, that will allow non-sniper weapons to scope in further, which also hints at armour having more of an effect on gameplay.

- Bioware are going to announce something big at E3 - a lot of the gameplay features and more squadmates.

Major spoiler...

- The magazine suggests that Garrus is being built up to a dramatic death.

Huh, jump took me by surprise. Happy about blind-fire though. And who didn't see the weapon modding limitations coming? :/