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I got to see the game being played on Monday:

Some highlights:
- Details on Sen's Castle, an environment that's full of spike traps, treasure chest mimics, those rolling boulders you've probably seen
- Snakemen are your primary foe in Sen's Castle - have some Royal Lotus handy
- Looks like you can upgrade armor this time as well as weapons
- Some weapons can cast spells - there was a sword with a fireball attack, for example
- Is fucking awesome

If you have any questions about what I saw, let me know. I'll try to answer.

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How awesome is awesome?

Being able to upgrade armor as well as weapons sounds cool.

Like an awesome version of awesome. Environments looked great, a logical extension of Demon's Souls and a wilder expansion on that game's art style.

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Character customization. Did you get to do this? if you did can we change skin shade?
Female characters still in? How were th combos pertaining to your weapon style?

I didn't get to see character customization, but I did get them to peel off a helmet to see the player's face. It wasn't hideous! You could change skin tone in Demon's Souls, so I assume they'll continue that.

Female characters still in. They talked about a witch class, but didn't show it. Combos looked lifted from Demon's Souls. I saw a pair of large swords being used with what appeared to be recycled animation.

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Collector's Edition:

£39.99 / $59.99


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They just posted some new screens on Facebook.

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some more pictures